Master Shi Yin and his Master level Teachers
are now accepting new patients to heal
with Natural Healing Techniques
and new students to teach

Self Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit using the Yin Family’s
Ancient Wisdom and Their Three Sphere Technique

One and Two Day Classes for Self Healing of All Diseases
(including cancer, AIDS, etc using ancient Yin Dynasty Self Healing Techniques)

A Unique Opportunity for Philanthropists

Statements by Master Shi Yin

Master Shi Yin is a direct descendant of Kwan Yin and uses yin-yang energy techniques to heal people of cancer and all forms of dis-ease and dis-comfort. Master Shi Yin is also a direct descendant of Master Guan, creator of the three spheres of life that describe all of creation, from the level of the Supreme Being down to the level of atoms.

Over the last 13 years, Master Shi Yin has taught his Master level teachers a series of ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Indian healing techniques. Then, in the last year he fully retrained them in the usage of ancient Egyptian alchemical healing techniques that use water, gold and silver to create healing waters.

This year, Master Shi Yin trained his teachers how to use his great...great grandmother Kwan's Love Energy Flow Techniques with the new gold and silver sacred healing waters so they could begin giving miracle healing throughout the world. The 3 yin-yang spheres of Master Shi Yin's great...great grandfather Guan have been used for 3,000 years to explain the wisdom of the Yin Family.

Long ago, Master Guan traveled the ancient Silk Road to the middle east and Egypt, following the path of his ancestor Fu Xi, creator of the I Ching and used the three spheres in Heliopolis, Egypt to prove himself to the local priests that he was a Master Teacher, who was equal to the legendary Fu Xi.

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One and Two Day Classes for Self Healing of All Diseases

Summary: Ancient Yin family documents from the time of Guan and Kwan, describe how everything in the universe is only the energies of yin and yang. Ancient texts and modern scientific studies have now proven that excessive amounts of yang energies lead to disease. Thus, it is only logical that excessive amounts of yin energy can heal all forms of disease.

Master Shi Yin and his Master level teachers give one day and two day classes on the Yin Dynasty's ancient yin/yang techniques. Ancient and modern applications of these teachings enable and empower one to self heal oneself from any disease, including cancer and AIDS by using yin energies.

Yin family documents from the time of Guan and Kwan, describe in detail how everything in this universe is only the energies of yin and yang. These documents show how excessive amounts of yang energies lead to dis-eases in the body and that excessive amounts of yin energy can heal all diseases.

The cure for all human body diseases is the proper application of yin energy since all forms of human disease contain, and are the result of, excessive yang energy. The Yin family dynasty has had the cure for all diseases for thousands of years, and long ago, they were renown throughout China and the Orient, until European colonization.

However, in the 20th century, Master Shi Yin's family history, teachings and techniques were outlawed in China during the "cultural revolution". Master Shi Yin survived World War II and the Chinese civil war, but with the cultural revolution, lives in a western country, where he has now translated the words of his extended family's ancient languages into modern terms.

Master Shi Yin has now trained others how to attract and focus a flow of the highest levels of yin energy to heal others. Master Yin's Master level teachers now teach one and two day classes in yin/yang 3 energy sphere self healing techniques.

One Day Classes include the following and more:

  • Hear the ancient history of using yin and yang energies.
  • Listen to how the Mind affects the yin/yang energy in one's brain and body.
  • See pictures of cancer and other disease's yang energies.
  • Observe the amazing healing effects in the Yin Dynasty's Natural Colloidal Waters.
  • Watch a time sequence presentation of what occurs when the Yin Dynasty's Natural Colloidal Waters encounter diseased cellular tissue.
  • Feel the effects of personally adding one part of yin energy to two parts of yin energy while personalizing your Yin Dynasty's Natural Colloidal Waters, a process that can enable you to self heal yourself of cancer or any form of disease.
  • Learn the same ancient Yin Dynasty Dance of Love and Peace that resulted in Master Shi Yin's great ...great grandmother Kwan becoming a legend.

Email to register for a class or to obtain more information on one day classes.

Two Day Classes begin with the One Day Class. On the second day, with participants full of yin energy, the Yin Family's ancestor, Fu Xi's self healing wisdom and ancient alchemical techniques are used to assist people in self healing themselves from disease as well as the after effects of chemotherapy and other chemical drug based treatments.

Ancient songs are sung to participants during the washing of participants' feet by Master level teachers. The washing of feet using Yin Dynasty Natural Colloidal Waters while ancient Yin energy songs are being sung, in the ancient way, by Master Shi Yin, is the same process used in various places around the world, to give people successful healing treatments for thousands of years.

This ancient method results in massive yin energy flows and "jump starts" a person's body to a new level for self-healing oneself from any form of disease.

Email to register for a class or to obtain more information on two day classes.

Cost of a Class varies according to the country where one is attending the class. Classes in India are far less than Switzerland, while classes in Africa and island nations cost far less than Canada or America. The cost of a one day is similar to the cost of visiting a doctor. The cost of a two day is similar to the cost of visiting a doctor and also the cost of some blood tests, etc.

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A Unique Opportunity for Philanthropists

Philanthropists, Master Shi Yin has a win-win proposal for you. Imagine a natural healing hospital, in your name, set up like a hotel, because no technological machines are used in our healing work. Send us 3 patients with cancer and have them stay at a B&B for a week. If at the end of a week, their cancers are not in remission, pay only for their food and lodging.

However, when they are healed, Master Shi Yin asks that $1,000 a person be given to the 5 people who will spend a week caring for these people, giving them daily, all day Yin Dynasty Three Energy Sphere Self Healing Treatments.

Master Shi Yin hopes, (after the successful healings), the philanthropist will want to review the plan for a natural healing hospital, to be called by whatever name the philanthropist chooses. (Master Shi Yin does not want money for himself nor does he seek any form of personal recognition).

Please email if interested in helping people in a natural way.  

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